Couple Tailoring

For important events such as ROM, Weddings, Pre-Wedding shoots, and more, most of our clients come together with their loved ones, whether it's the Grooms-to-be bringing their partner for styling advice, or Brides-to-be bringing their partner to have a second opinion. In the end, they ended up tailoring their outfits together. Yes, Assemble and Accent do tailoring for both!

One of our greatest joys is to style a couple up together, not only for their big day but also for many occasions. We love creating a synergy of two different outfits coming together, whether it is for matrimony, other special moments, or daily wear. For you, we have curated some of our couple looks of clients that shared their moments with us.

Two are Better than One

For their daughter's wedding, Mr.Tan and Sally decided to tailor a 2-piece suit together. By choosing a different fabric, a suit can look entirely different from one another. With the various material, textures, weaving, colors, and patterns that are available, we can assure you that your suit will be uniquely tailored for you. 

Settled on a goblin green 100% wool suit from Paladino, Mr.Tan went for a versatile color that can look both formal and casual. Sally decided to go for a sand 100% bamboo suit from Huddersfield that is so smooth and comfortable in texture, yet it has a fantastic structure that holds it up well together. Their choices are the perfect example of earthy tones that look wonderful both together and separately. 

A Manhattan Wedding

For Kiew Yuan and Victoria, they decided to tailor a suit when their simple ROM ceremony evolved into a Holy Matrimony cum Wedding Luncheon. Starting with Kiew Yuan's suit, they go for a versatile classic color that will be timeless through a long passage of time. Yuan's 3-piece 100% wool suit combines a deep greyish-blue jacket and pants with a mismatching light grey vest to add variation to the look.

The suit features a very classic and timeless look that can stay stylish even through the passage of time. It is fitting that Victoria's dress would be a classic vintage piece to complete the look. 

After Yuan collected his suit, Victoria decided to tailor her dress with Accent. Victoria required a long sleeve for her dress - both a want and a necessity. She found herself gravitating towards designs with balloon or bell sleeves, as she found them to be lovely and elegant, especially when paired with a slit - which she wanted to include for mobility. Apart from the look, comfort and practicality of the dress come with as much importance as well. You can read more about Victoria's experience with her dress here.

A Memorable Journey

Vanessa was present for most of Alvin's fittings, and she found the experience that Assemble provided to be very personal and positive. Ken and Lyn advised Alvin on the colors, the detailing for his suit, and more. And she felt that they were able to entrust this difficult task of styling them to Accent and Assemble for their big day.

For their lunch wedding, we felt that it is right to keep it brighter and more casual. Alvin's final 2-piece look is a Beige Hopsack 100% Wool Suit, something more lively and fresh, and it is popular among grooms. A color that is easy to match, Vanessa can easily pair it with both her White Two-piece Dress and Emerald Green Cheongsam. 

Vanessa's outfit comes after a lot of thought and research. She decided on a two-piece so that she could wear the top piece as formal-casual wear after the wedding.Read here for more details of how Vanessa's look comes to life!

Our experienced stylists are always here to guide you through the creation of your outfit. Especially for couple looks, it is important to see the bigger picture on how the outfit would look together. We understand that it would be meaningful for couples to be able to do the outfits for their big day together, and for that, we provide a couple-styling consultation that you can book here. We look forward to seeing you!

We are always grateful to be a part of your special moments and journey in tailoring. We cherish and appreciate all these beautiful moments that you share with us. With deep gratitude for your continuous trust and support for both Assemble and Accent, we will continue to polish our craftsmanship and bring you more exciting looks from here onwards.

If you have any other questions, feel free to hit us up at +65 8742 6863 and we would be happy to assist you. You can also book an appointment by clicking here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @assemblesg and and like us on Facebook!

Photography by @lensofmira,, @tiny.donn