The Modern Bride Feature: Stephanie

Ending this special series of 'The Modern Bride Feature' with our final bride, Stephanie, a graphic designer, and more. We first met Stephanie when she was consulting her wedding dress with us last year, and she was so sweet and confident. She shared with us a little bit about after the wedding, uplifting thoughts about her wedding journey, and experiencing a campaign shoot.

Please tell us about yourself!

Stephanie: I’m Stephanie! I’m from Malaysia, and I’m a graphic designer (among other things).

Congratulations on your wedding! Getting married is a significant stage in your life, how are things going? Is there anything that you can share?

Stephanie: Having a perpetual sleepover with your best friend is the best thing ever. But chores are a bore!

We understand that wedding planning and searching for 'the dress' can be both difficult and fun. What were the nicest part and the hardest part of it for you?

Stephanie: What I enjoyed most about this process was actually being able to custom make my gown, not just to ensure the perfect fit for my body but also a design I love and is one of a kind.

How would you describe your style and how does that relates to you as a person?

Stephanie: I love dressing for the tropics, so that means comfort, breathability, and the occasional bright colors! I’m drawn to easy outfits probably due to my upbringing in laidback Penang. My draw towards colors may be influenced by my Indian heritage, or it could be because of my deep appreciation for the vibrant shophouses that line the streets of Georgetown.

As a bride, your style and expectations for your outfit can be very different from your daily wear. If yes, how has your style changed? If not, could you tell us more about how your style stays the same?

Stephanie: I had already booked a gown with Accent when I participated and was so excited to know that I was chosen! With the giveaway, I was able to update the look I was going for, which turned out amazing!

It was lovely to have you as a part of our campaign and new collection. We heard that a photoshoot like this is quite a new experience for some of you. Could you share more about the experience?

Stephanie: I’ve not been a part of many photoshoots, but thankfully I had just done my pre-wed shoot a couple of months before so it felt like I have had a bit of practice at that point. It was also so fun to meet the other winners and hear about their bridal journey, and also get to know the team at Accent more.

You also got to experience tailoring as we were making your outfits for the Campaign Shoot, is there anything memorable that you could share?

Stephanie: I’ve always wanted a custom dress for my wedding so this in itself was a dream come true! The team at Accent was so helpful and attentive to my needs and adapted the design to what would fit me best.

If you had to choose one outfit from 'The Modern Bride' Collection, which one would it be, and why?

Stephanie: I love the outfit with the pearl top and flare pants—the fit is great and flattering, and for more casual bridal pieces still felt very elegant and put together. Also, quite honestly an open back is an advantage in this Singapore heat!

Last but not least, are there any words that you want to share with yourself as a bride or with all the brides or brides-to-be out there?

Stephanie: Let go of the smaller things and focus on those that matter, like tender moments with your other half amid the wedding chaos, and having loved ones next to you on your big day.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your thoughts on your experience and congratulations for your wedding! We really hope that your wedding journey and experience in Accent will become a wonderful memory. Stephanie's bespoke dress for her special day is up on our social media. We hope that you love your bespoke dress as much as we do! Follow us here on our Instagram,, and like us on Facebook!


Stephanie is wearing outfits from 'The Modern Bride' Collection from Accent.

Photography: @lensofmira, Makeup: @sheilakoh_auteliermakeup, Floral design: @fellowfolks, Set: @haus217sg