Behind The Dress: Victoria (Part 2)

On this second part of Victoria's journey "Behind The Dress", she will be sharing more about how her design came true, and her thoughts about the whole process of tailoring.

Behind the Design

Victoria required a long sleeve for her dress - both a want and a necessity. She found herself gravitating towards designs with balloon or bell sleeves, as she found them to be lovely and elegant, especially when paired with a slit - which she wanted to include for mobility. However, she found that these designs were often rare, and most brands still favored sleeveless designs of a bodice or camisole for the top.

Her V neckline also comes from her preference for showing a little more skin. "I never bothered much about a high neckline either and preferred something showing a little more skin, for it was simply more comfortable that way, and it paired well with the large sleeves and slit for a little cheeky peek and flair," said Victoria.

"Our wedding was to take place at One-Atico in the morning till early afternoon. I knew right from the beginning, wherever our venue – a train was never an option, for I didn’t want anyone to have to fuss over it. Also, if I had to visit the restroom, I wanted to be as independent as possible moving about in my dress."

"Upon showing Tai Ann several reference images of the gown’s design, I had my eyes on, they expertly drew it out, measured me, and truly, delivered."

Dream outfit comes to life

As Victoria showed us her reference design, a discussion on the parts that she loves and how to change the design to suit her better comes in. "I love how the reference design came to life to suit my needs at the final fitting. It truly is such a magical journey – the method, the process, the ups and the downs, and how well I could trust Lyn’s team to deliver what we have agreed upon. Tai Ann was also such a doll to quell my nerves at each fitting right till the final one (which was only one day before the wedding, less than 12 hours!) and she was absolutely sweet."

Apart from the look, comfort and practicality of the dress come with as much importance as well. Certain cuttings can look better but might not be so practical. Victoria shares her experience, "Accent’s master tailor and Tai Ann advised me against certain decisions such as a neckline that plunged all the way down mid-torso and a slit that was too high that may reveal too much when I sat down and I am truly grateful. For if it were so, I would have had to fuss a lot more about my undergarments and how I behaved in the dress! The little mesh guard that they added was such an elegant touch to preserve the look of the bosom as well!"

"Everyone sang nothing but praises for the dress and it was photographed so beautifully. I was comfortable, confident, and extremely happy to wear my gown to my wedding. The design matched Yuan’s dapper three-piece from Assemble and it was truly, an outfit match made in Heaven. Thank you so much Assemble/Accent for being such a pivotal role in our wedding journey from start to finish and we look forward to creating more outfits with your wonderful team and expertise!"

"It felt as though we got married in Manhattan, New York with our outfits and we couldn’t have asked for better than what we have gotten from Assemble/Accent."

Thank you Victoria for sharing your journey in tailoring and achieving your dream dress at Accent. We appreciate your kind words and we are grateful to serve wonderful clients like you, and we really hope that your pieces were a memorable part of your special day.

Victoria is wearing a Bespoke Silk Satin Dress from Accent. Kiew Yuan is wearing a 100% Wool 3-piece Suit from Assemble.