Behind the Dress: Vanessa

Here at Accent, we are always looking to create meaningful pieces for our client's special day, to create stories and memories that will be significant forever and a day. To start this series, we would like to feature one of our beloved clients, Vanessa, as she shares her journey with tailoring and her story behind the dress.

The start of her tailoring journey

Vanessa started her journey with tailoring when she joined Alvin, her husband, as he was tailoring his outfit with Assemble. 

"I was present for most of his fittings and I found the experience that Assemble provided to be very personal and very positive. Ken and Lyn were able to advise Alvin on the colors, the detailing for his suit, etc. And I felt that we were able to entrust this difficult task of styling us to Accent and Assemble for our big day."

"One of the reasons why I decided to tailor my outfit was also because I realized my body shape was curvier and taller compared to most Asian girls’ fit. After trying on a few rental pieces, I found that none of them fit me well and could not cater to what I envisioned. Therefore I decided to tailor my outfits with Accent and I found everyone at Accent very pleasant to work with."

The story behind the design

Vanessa's beautiful two-piece dress is created thoughtfully for her best comfort and with details that she loves, true to her vision.

"The moment Alvin proposed to me, I started my research on “the dress” I was going to wear for the big day. I always knew that I wanted something simple and practical. After scrolling through my Pinterest probably for months, I came down to the decision of a two-piece so that I could wear the top piece as formal casual wear after the wedding."

"Creating a practical dress that would be easy to move around was a priority. I remember the first criteria I told Tai Ann was “I need to have pockets” haha. And she made that wish come true to perfection. Overall, the dress was indeed comfortable and I received a lot of compliments on the wedding day saying “It’s so you”."

Something traditional, yet still unique to Vanessa, is this Deep Green Cheongsam piece with a halter cut that suits her neckline beautifully. With a tailored fit, it complements her figure perfectly creating a flattering silhouette.

"The second piece I got tailored was for the tea ceremony and ironically became my favorite piece among the two. I had purchased the deep green fabric for the Cheongsam earlier and I was thankful Accent was able to deliver the piece beautifully. The Cheongsam depicted a good example of an amalgamation of customary traditions with modern designs. It really flattered my figure and I love how improvements were made every fitting because everyone at Accent took pride in the work they do sincerely."

A memorable journey

"I love how both pieces were so different but yet represented Van as I am. The beauty of the pieces was in the details, and I am so utterly thankful for the Accent team for making this journey such a memorable one."

Thank you Vanessa for sharing your journey and experience here at Accent. Our team is also very grateful for being able to serve wonderful clients like you, and we hope that your pieces were a memorable part of your special day and that they can accompany your days for a long time going forward.

Vanessa is wearing a Bespoke two-piece Dress and a Bespoke Deep Green Cheongsam from Accent. Alvin is wearing a Cream Hopsack two-piece Suit from Assemble.

photos by @tiny.donn