A Chat With: Grace Ciao

Accent aims to inspire and is always seeking inspiration from incredible women with different backgrounds, visions, and values. On this episode on 'A Chat With' is Grace Ciao, an artist and fashion illustrator. She will share about her journey, style and how inspiration is crucial in her line of work.

About Grace Ciao

Grace is an artist and a fashion illustrator whose art style involves incorporating real flower petals into her work. She has named her stylized characters "bloombelles". Her designs communicate the natural beauty of flowers, aiming to connect with her audience by making them experience nature in new and surprising ways.

Fulfilling Journey

Grace has been painting and making art professionally for the past 7 years, it has been filled with joy and gratitude for her, living her creative life. Feeling thankful, she also mentioned that, "it's been a really fulfilling journey being able to apply my interests and values to my work and share it with the world!"

Taking a step back

We all feel dispirited at times, the important part is what we do to get back up. Grace mentioned that "When I feel dispirited, I'd try to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and remind myself of the value I want to bring to this world." Beyond her own personal and creative fulfillment, she continues doing what she does to set an example for young people who are considering careers in the arts. As a Singaporean artist, she aims to bring a sense of pride to the community; this is the goal that fuels her to never give up. How she makes inspiring other people as her fuel is encouraging. 

Inspiring with your style

Being an amazing artist and inspiring many, Grace shared with us a message that she wants people to hear, "Do you! When you are true to yourself, your art reflects you and it will speak to more people."

Having a personal style of relaxed, understated, feminine, and even adding "tailored" outfits to her wardrobe, Grace thinks that having your own personal style is rather important. Other than affecting how she shares her stories with the world, she thinks that having a great personal style also increases her confidence and empowers her.

Dress to impress

Expressing yourself through style is important, but so is being practical and staying true to the occasions. Being an artist and a business owner at the same time, looking smart and professional is crucial to Grace, especially when meeting clients or attending events. Though when she creates in her studio, she mentioned that, "I'd prefer to dress more casually, such as in t-shirts and jeans, so I don't get stressed over getting paint on my clothes!"

It is amazing to know a little behind-the-scenes on the journey of Grace, both as an artist and as a person. We would like to thank Grace for sharing her beautiful insights, and we look forward to your amazing work here onwards too!

Grace is wearing Made-to-Order outfits by Accent.

photos by lensofmira