Which Neckline Is For Me?

Choosing the right neckline is important in creating balance for your whole body shape. Some necklines can make your upper body seem heavier, which is great for those with a fuller lower body to create balance, or it can also help to streamline the balance for those with a heavier upper body. It can help to enhance the upper parts of your body, such as collarbones, shoulder-line, arms, neck, and more. Some necklines could also create focus or make your posture look even better. 

Depending on your choice, it can also help to create a conservative or mature silhouette for your whole look. Hence, choosing the right neckline can help to complete the look that you are envisioning. Here, we have listed some common examples of necklines and how they will affect your look, as a guideline for your custom pieces.


Shaped like a heart in the middle, is the sweetheart neckline. Depending on how low you would want it to go, most of the sweetheart neckline shows a little bit of your cleavage. It can be both sweet and mature. This neckline also gives exposure to your collarbones and helps to lengthen your neckline. Sweetheart neckline enhances your curves, especially around your bust. It is recommended to be nicely fitted to get the most of this neckline.

Bateau neckline (boat-neck)

For a more conservative look, is the bateau neckline. Usually placed around the collarbone area, it will show just a bit of your collarbones. It is graceful, mature, and can give the illusion of a straighter shoulder-line, giving you a better posture.


This neckline goes down from your neck down to the armpit area, showing off both of your shoulders. This neckline enhances your shoulder line and gives attention to the collarbones. It complements your upper body posture. Depending on how it fits on your body and how it drapes to your backside, this neckline can show just enough skin, or it can be a sexier neckline as well.


A versatile neckline that is used in a lot of tops is the v-neck. It can be as shallow or as deep as you want it to be. The V-neck will visually lengthen the neck and torso. However, as it goes downwards towards the cleavage area, most V-necks are more suitable for ladies with medium chests.

Cowl neck

This neckline creates natural drapes at the front part of your top, suitable for softer fabrics. Depending on how deep you want your cowl neck to be, it may show hints of your cleavage, and it adds volume to the bust when it folds near the bust area. 

Spaghetti strap

Spaghetti straps can work with different necklines, depending on the look that you're going for. In this case, a small V-neckline will give a longer neckline. As the spaghetti strap usually creates a lower neckline, it is more suitable for women with a smaller or average-sized chest. 


For an asymmetrical look, a one-shoulder look. It creates a focus on one side of your shoulder, creating a stylish top that can be easily matched with a lot of bottoms. If you would like to elevate your style and add a bit of drama, this is the neckline to go for!


For something more unique and less common, one interesting neckline is a criss-cross. It drapes on your body like a halter neckline, but with a twist. It still shows the outer part of your shoulder, giving an illusion of a better posture and balance.

Of course, there are many more necklines out there like the crew neck, off-the-shoulder, and more. There are also always possibilities in making it unique, according to the sleeves, with the details that you want. We also recommend taking in your body type when you choose your neckline, which parts that you want to highlight and how to create balance to your whole look.

If you are unsure, our stylist is always here to help! Book a styling session with us to consult with our stylist, and we will be able to advise the right neckline for you.

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