Dress Silhouettes for Different Body Types

When you are looking to custom a dress, it can be the most exciting thing, yet difficult. If you have no idea of what to make or where to begin, making decisions for your dress can feel heavy and confusing. One of the things that you can start with is deciding on the silhouette. A dress silhouette is the biggest part of your dress, it makes up the overall shape, therefore it is the part that will decide how it falls on your body.

Firstly, before making any decisions, do a little bit of research first and take a look at your wardrobe. What kind of dresses do you have the most in your wardrobe? If you have mostly A-line dresses, it would mean that A-line is the most comfortable silhouette for you. If you are going outside of your comfort zone for your big day, a little research will always do more good than harm! Take a look at more inspirations, which one resonates with you more, and what type of dress silhouette looks the most attractive for you. It could be hard to know which silhouette will look better on you, and which ones to avoid. To start with, here is a guideline on some of the dress silhouettes and the body types that it will complement the most.

Photo by Lensofmira


When in doubt, go with A-line. A safe choice for most body types would be the A-line silhouette. Fitted until the waistline, showing the curves on your upper body, then it flares out comfortably into an A-shape downwards. Suitable for all body types from Triangle (Pear), Rectangle (Banana), Inverted Triangle (Strawberry), Hourglass (Double Cherry), to Rounded (Apple). A-line especially helps those with a curvier bottom half, like Triangle or Hourglass, as it will accentuate your small waistline and make your bottom half seem visually longer. 

Photo by Lensofmira


Another silhouette that complements all body types is the Empire Dress. The Empire Silhouette is back on trend, especially after the series Bridgerton on Netflix, as it gives the feeling of regal, lady-like, and playful at the same time. It is fitted around the bust and flares out on both the waist and hips. It hides the waistline and bottom, as it gives attention to the bust instead. As it drapes under the bustline, the Empire silhouette will also help to elongate your frame downwards, even more than A-line dresses.

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This one is for those of you who would like to show off your curves and have a little bit of drama. Mermaid hugs you from the chest, waist, and hips, creating that hourglass silhouette. Then, it will flare out from around the knee, for the dramatic effect. This silhouette is most suitable for those with Triangle and Hourglass, as it will accentuate your waistline and your curves, for a lasting impression on your big day.

Photo by Lensofmira


A sheath dress hugs your curves all the way, from head to toe. Great for an elegant and minimalist look. If you are looking for a modern dress suitable for many occasions, this is the silhouette for you. Sheath works best for those with hourglass and rectangle shape, as it will be form-fitting on your body shape, drawing the most attention to your curves.

Ball Gown

For more volume and drama, it would be the ball gown silhouette. Like A-line dresses, it hugs your bust and your waistline. This silhouette is great for most body shapes except for the Rounded (Apple) shape. Those with a Rounded shape have more narrow hips, and a fuller upper body and bust, a ball-gown that is fuller at the bottom could make them look bigger instead.

These are not the only silhouette that you can go for when you custom, but hopefully, this guideline may help you to filter out some of them. If it is still hard for you to choose, you can also go out and try all the dress silhouettes that you can find, and you will be able to filter some of the better ones for you. After deciding on the silhouette, it will be easier to decide on the other details such as the sleeves, neckline, back details, and more.

There is no universal rule to fashion, and you can always go big for your special day, but make sure that it will still be comfortable for you to wear for hours. Choosing a dress that suits your body type can help in building your confidence when you wear it. A great dress should make you look good and feel good.

If you are still unsure about the silhouette for you, our stylists are here to help you! Book a styling session with us to consult with our stylist, and we will be able to advise the silhouette for you.

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