Modern Cheongsam For Brides

What is a Cheongsam?

Cheongsam is a sheath dress styled with a mandarin collar. It typically has an asymmetrical cut that goes down from the middle of the collar to below the armpit area.

Parallel to the history of where iconic styles were created, Cheongsam (also known as Qi Pao) was also born during a revolution. It began in the 1910s when women were starting to be allowed into the education system, as they were being more involved in society. Naturally, traditional and lavish outfits that restricted movements were changed to be more modern, and more suitable for urban women. Cheongsam was also further popularised when it was worn by celebrities, famous singers, and important people.

How did it become popular for weddings?

While some brides choose to wear a Cheongsam for tradition, some also love the way that it looks on them. The elegant way that it hugs your figures in the right places. In the modern world, the appearance of the beauty of Cheongsam in movies such as 'In the Mood for Love' also helped to increase the popularity of Cheongsam even more.

Diversification of Cheongsam

With globalization, modernized women, and perhaps western influences, 'adaptations' of a Cheongsam have diversified even more. From different materials, sleeves, and different silhouettes such as the A-line or mermaid, to even jumpsuits. An essential part of the Cheongsam would be the iconic mandarin collar, which makes the clothing to be classified as a Cheongsam, whether it is in a traditional or contemporary way.

If you are looking to get a Cheongsam for your wedding, whether as a bridal outfit or for your tea ceremony, there is a variety of choices that you can choose from. Different fabrics and styles can make your Cheongsam more unique to you. From Bridal Cheongsam which focuses on white to tweed and more colorful silk satin, here are a few ideas that you can explore.

Bridal Cheongsam

A pure white Cheongsam where silk satin meets embossed jacquard fabric. The bridal look can be achieved with white colors, with different kinds of material. Playing around with textures, shapes, and silhouettes such as this mermaid flare bottom can make your piece even more extraordinary for your special day. In creating a sophisticated, classic bridal look, we recommend going for a soft and sleek ivory white silk satin.

Tweed Cheongsam

Something that is more popular for tea ceremony, tweed is structured, with interesting textures and vibrant colors. Tweed fabric creates depth, making a piece looks luxurious, yet fun. Suitable for both day and night events. It is a versatile piece that will easily turn heads and capture attention. One of the plus points of tweed is its structure and stiffness, which can create a distinct S-line silhouette. Customized in your favorite tweed and buttons, you could mix-and-match colors, creating a beautiful blend. 

Silk Satin + Lace Cheongsam

An accent of lace always adds more character to your silk satin cheongsam. As silk satin is available in assorted colors, they create a minimal look with its silky texture. Suitable for both morning and evening, lighter colors will create a brightness that is more suitable for daylight; whilst darker colors like emerald green will be elegant for the night. In creating a special look for your occasions, adding contrasting lace and buttons could always add more texture and vibrance to your pie



Best paired with our silk satin, a Cheongsam with embroidery will make it one-of-a-kind. Elements of flowers, nature and more kinds of embroidery can add richness and flair to your design. Arranged to beautifully hug your silhouette, both subtle and contrasting embroidery are available for you to choose.

There is no right or wrong for your big day! As long as it is comfortable and makes you feel your best, any look you choose for yourself will be the best. Look forward as we will share more casual Cheongsam that you can wear for everyday events, or even for work!

If you are still unsure about the right Cheongsam style for you, our stylists are here to help you! Book a styling session with us to consult with our stylist, and we will be able to advise the look for you.

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