The Different Types of Ladies Suit

Whether you are entering the working industry, attending an important conference, or going outside of the box for a wedding outfit, at some point in your lives, most likely you will encounter the need to wear a suit at least once. As promised in our previous editorial, we are here to discuss some of the different cuts, customizations, and diverse looks for female suits.

A suit usually consists of a jacket and trousers, and a three-piece suit includes a vest underneath. Though for us ladies, more styles and a few twists have been styled to the classic originals. Depending on how experimental you feel, it can go from tiny simple tweaks and changes to something more different. Of course, the outfit that you wear should still suit your body type and personal style in the end.


Slim-fit Notch Lapel Jacket

A classic that will elevate your whole outfit. This jacket is made for a feminine cut and a softer silhouette. Using a notch lapel, a standard for a single-breasted jacket, this one will not go wrong! Cut for a tailored fit, a waistline is added to this Lenice Work Jacket. Paired with high-waisted shorts for a little bit more fun on your outfit. If you feel that blazers are too masculine for you, this is the kind of jacket you should go for!

Double-breasted Short-sleeve Jacket

For a more professional, polished look, a double-breasted jacket is your go-to. Consisting of parallel buttons in pairs, you can go from 2 to 4, or 6 buttons, depending on your kind of style. If you love buttoning up your jacket, a double-breasted jacket is for you! For something a bit different than your long-sleeved jackets, you can also opt for a short-sleeved one like this Airin Double-breasted Jacket, which you will appreciate on sunny days in Singapore.

One-button Notch Lapel Linen Suit

A linen suit is for those who are looking for a more casual look with a summer feel. Even with the relaxed fit, it still maintains its beautiful structure and drape. Linen is known for its breathability, crisp texture, and lightweight property, definitely keeping you cool for the hot and humid weather. For those of you who do not mind a few creases, this is the suit for you!

Oversized Peak Lapel White Blazer

For a more dramatic look, a peak lapel is something that you would want to consider! They also sharpen your jawline visually! This blazer is in an oversized fit, for a 'boyfriend' look, making it easier for you to use for both work and casual outfits.

Low-cut Single-breasted Suit with a Sash Tie

A low-cut jacket like this is best when you'd like to show a specific top underneath, such as this pink lace top inside. It would give ladies the feminine and empowered look that they are envisioning. Adding a sash tie will also complete the whole look to emphasize your waistline, defining the feminine silhouette. 

By all means, this is not everything you can do with your suit! There are always more possibilities on the specific cuts and style that you want for your suit. If you have a specific style in mind, you can always book a consultation with us and we will see what we can do for you! Our stylists will help you throughout the whole experience.

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