Summer Looks and How to Wear Them

When you think of summer, it is the shimmering sunny days, beach picnics, flowy dresses, linen shorts, and large rattan hats. As the sun is mostly out in the summer, how do we dress up for the weather?

Our new collection is here to help you beat the heat and look your best! Using some of our favorite fabrics such as linen and cotton from Ireland, Japan, and more. These fabrics are your top choice for their breathability, airiness, and soothing vibe. From pleated dresses, sleeveless linen tops, to belted shorts, here are some ideas on how to wear and style the pieces for our Summer in the City collection!

Playful and sophisticated outfits for the sunny season

White Dresses

Something that can never go wrong in the summer is white dresses. With an A-line cutting that makes it even more classic and elegant. If you are attending a lunch party, pair them with a classy black handbag and a pair of white heels to complete the look. Going for a picnic with friends or strolling by the river? Bring along a huge rattan hat to make your outfit more feminine and fun! A dress like this is timeless and will never go out of style. 

This one is a dress that will surely turn heads as you pass by. With its hourglass silhouette and a flare at the bottom, this dress will accentuate your curves. The little detail of the caramel stripes will also give an illusion of a taller silhouette. Whether you're having a photoshoot in the woods or attending a summer wedding, pair it with your slip-on heels, and you're good to go!

If you are looking for something a little bit more playful with a flared skirt, this is the dress for you! The flowy and airy quality from the pleated linen and crisscross detail at the back make it just perfect for the summer. Pair it with a alice blue handbag such as this one to make it look even more lively. Complete with two side pockets, it has everything you would want in a summer dress!

Work & Play

Pieces that you can wear comfortably from 9 to 5, to after work hours. An easy-to-wear one-piece is this jumpsuit with a waistband and inverted pleats that make it even more refined. For a 2-piece that you can wear separately, is this sleeveless top paired with a belted mermaid skirt that you can use for many occasions. The pastel colors in linen make these sophisticated pieces to be more relaxed and suitable for the summer. For a more polished look, you can opt for darker colors or choose another fabric!

Summer Staples

For days at the beach, or when you have to run errands on those hot and humid days, this watercolor bandeau top and belted linen shorts will be your savior. These versatile pieces are so easy to style with different kinds of tops and bottoms. Pair your shorts with an oversized shirt and pair your bandeau top with high-waisted jeans. They will be your staple throughout the summer, and all year long in Singapore. If you are feeling a little more conservative, layer it up with a basic tee or a Safari Jacket and you're good to go! 

Multifunctional Pieces

A set that you can style the way you want. This midi outer dress can be worn with tailored shorts, to show more skin for a breezy look. Other than that, you can fully button to wear it as a flattering one-piece dress! Carry along a little summer basket or a rattan bag to complete the look and you'll be blooming in your summer outfit!

It is the perfect season to dress up and personalize your summer outfits! You can try out our samples from our Summer in the City Collection in stores and choose made-to-order to have them fit perfectly for you and to choose from over 20 colors per design. It is also available off-the-rack in sizes S, M and L for pre-order only! If you have any specific ideas to style your Summer Outfits, don't hesitate to share them with us, and we will be able to design an outfit just for you with our made-to-measure services.

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Photos by lensofmira / branzwei