Tailoring is Not Limited to Men

Not to start with feminism, but, yes we are breaking boundaries when it comes to tailoring. Often, when we talk about tailoring, it feels like something that we relate more to gentlemen. From suits, dress shirts, and pants, these are the misconceptions/stereotypes people have, which is why most of the time, it used to be gents who are visiting their tailor. 

Men and Women in the early 20th Century

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Increasing demand for suits due to rising females in the business world

Back then, people in the business world are predominantly males. Hence, males were the ones wearing suits and ties, while females did not need them. Women wearing pants was a huge no-no.

Thankfully, fashion brands liberated the ladies from their corsets in the early 20th century. During World War I, when the men became soldiers, women took over their desks. Since then, they were a prominent part of social life. Now, the ratio has shifted, and more females are taking on leadership roles as well. Therefore, leading to increased demand for power suits for females.

A model wearing a suit at a Paris fashion show in 1989

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In the Singapore context as a business hub of Asia, the gents more commonly require formal business attire as their daily dress code. At the same time, ladies are spoilt for choices, be it offline retail or online shopping. What we don’t see is that ladies have many more different body types as compared to men. From hourglass, apple to pear-shaped body types, ready-to-wears do not cater to every single of us. Sometimes ready-to-wears are not so ready after all.

Fittings for Halter Cheongsam Top and Baby Blue Linen Suit

The perfect fit

The most common issue for ladies is that they can never get the chest-to-waist-to-hips ratio right when it comes to ready-to-wear. When the hips fit, the waist is too loose; when the chest is just right, the waist area would be too large or too tight. Some send the clothes for alterations, while most ladies look for alternative places to shop from, spending more money on ill-fitting clothes in the process. That eventually becomes a vicious cycle, which is resolvable if you tailor your clothes. From tailoring formal office wear to casual summer dresses, the possibilities are limitless.

Tailoring made possible for all

When we think of tailoring it might sound like it is limited to suits or gowns for your special events, but that is not true! Anyone and everyone at any time can try tailoring, as long as they continue to have a use for it. When your daily wear is tailored, you will be thankful for it, and it will be a timeless piece that you keep on wearing.

For ladies that would like to tailor, but are seeking more information and details for a better grasp of ladies suits. We will be posting an editorial about the different cuts, customizations, and diverse looks for female suits! Do have a lookout for more editorials!

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