A Chat With: Lenice from SkinnyBlooms

Our Collection II: Minimalist features 3 amazing female entrepreneurs. We wanted to share their views and their stories on their journey and their style. We asked them a few questions surrounding their style, confidence and their journey as an entrepreneur.

Introducing Lenice

For our last editorial surrounding the entrepreneurs from our Collection II, we will be introducing Lenice, a wedding florist from SkinnyBlooms.

Having been in the industry for five years, her journey has been great and eye-opening. Like many other industries, though she has experienced a lot, she mentioned that there is still a lot more to learn.

Drive and passion

When we asked Lenice what has been keeping her going, she mentioned that "it is the passion to keep business afloat and most importantly, drive." She also mentioned that "my amazing clients that are supportive, understanding, and truly appreciate my creations" are the ones that make her continue the work that she does.

All worth it

A word to inspire those that look up to her is that "It’s never easy but don’t give up. It will be worth all the effort... someday!" It's true! At the end of the day, the results will show our efforts.

Comfort, classic, and chic.

In her line of work where it can be quite hands-on, it is important to dress up while still being comfortable enough to work. For Lenice, personal style is very important, and it is only respectful to dress appropriately. If she can only choose three words to describe her style, it would be comfort, classic, and chic.

Dressing for the occasion

In meeting clients, and for professional events, the most important thing for Lenice is the style & the fit of the clothes. "I have a seamstress on speed dial to get my clothes to fit well. How I dress affects my confidence hence I always ensure that I am dressed well for the occasion."

What works for you best

How we dress can sometimes really affect our confidence, especially for important occasions. In building more confidence, some advice from Lenice is to "find out what works best for your body & how you feel in the selected clothes. Most importantly, you have to feel great in the clothes."