A Chat With: Phillane from Med Kärlek Inc.

Our Collection II: Minimalist features 3 amazing female entrepreneurs. We wanted to share their views and their stories on their journey and their style. We asked them a few questions surrounding their style, confidence and their journey as an entrepreneur.

Introducing Phillane

For our second entrepreneur, we will be introducing Phillane, who mostly goes by Philly! She is a mother of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and last but not least, a venue stylist. Her job revolves around planning, designing, styling, and making any venue come to life with the client’s brief.

A job that pushes her limits

In the seven years that she has been in the industry, Phillane felt that her journey has been humbling. When we asked about how her journey has been, she mentioned that “the more I know, the more I realized how much I do not know. It’s a job that keeps on giving and also a job that pushed me to my limits.”

The people that keeps her going

Every job has its good days and hard days. As we asked her what got her back up, she answered that it is the people who kept her going.

“Good clients who eventually became family friends, colleagues that are more than friends and vendors who became part of our lives. It’s the people who keep me going.”

We told Phillane that she is very inspiring, and asked her to give a few words to those who are inspired by her and her work. She answered this question very humbly, “Thank you but I think I am far from inspiring, I just enjoy doing what I do and I enjoy sharing it with the people around me!” Then, she thanked all her family and friends, who have given her love and support.

How it all started

It turns out that she started styling birthdays and weddings, creating handmade gifts as a favor for friends and family. She is grateful that this then flourished into a business that she enjoys doing and be something that she could feed her family with.

Style as a working mom

As a working mom, she feels that although her personal style is very important, so does comfort. Working moms don’t stop for even a minute, so when Phillane plans her outfit for the day, she needs to make sure that it is presentable enough for meetings, and that it is comfortable enough to rough it out during prep work or set up. In the end, she always looks for something that goes both ways.

As she believes in sustainable fashion, Phillane's style is all about being preppy, timeless, and functional fashion. Her way of planning her outfit is from the bottom up, choosing her shoes essentially and letting it help her to determine her outfit of the day. As she understands her body shape and changes, it also helps her to choose her outfit better.

What we can control

As we ask Phillane how to be more confident, she shared with us some wise words that would be helpful for all of us, especially as we are now living in a world where we cannot help but compare.

“For many years comments on my body affected the way I dress and carry myself but I’ve learned that words are all neutral until I put my emotions into it, so comments affect me less these days and I carry myself better when I care less. We cannot control how others think of us, how they view our bodies, or even their need to comment on it. What we can control is how we see ourselves and how we feel, so acknowledging that our body may have changed through the seasons, then still embracing it, has been a lesson I’ve been trying to learn because I wasn’t able to get out of my head at some point and I saw the danger of it. So, care less, love what God has given you and enabled your body to do, take care of it and you will be in a much better place.”