A Chat With: Airin Lee from ARLY

Our Collection II: Minimalist features 3 amazing female entrepreneurs. We wanted to share their views and their stories on their journey and their style. We asked them a few questions surrounding their style, confidence and their journey as an entrepreneur.

Introducing Airin Lee

Airin is your trusted hair and make-up artist, she also co-founded ARLY, a brand that focuses on beauty experience whilst redefining beauty standards.

Learning from different perspectives

Being in the beauty industry for 11 years must have been exciting, to say the least, yet there must be times when it’s been hard. Airin shared with us what has been pushing her to get back up, “I think having a support group out of the industry is important. They keep me grounded and I learn a lot from their perspectives. I think knowing that what we have right now can improvise is the motivating push to my career.”

To those that inspires her

When we asked Airin to share a message to those who look up to her, her first answer is that "The people I meet are actually the one that inspires me." To these people, she would like to share that “The grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes look a little deeper into yourself and you will realize that you too are magical.” 

Dressing up as a self-respect

Having a personal style of structured, chic, and timeless, Airin prioritizes comfort and cutting. Even for important events and business meetings, she believes that it is still most important to be comfortable. She mentioned that “If your outfit is well-fitted, it is half the battle won. I think dressing up is self-respect. You shouldn’t wear anything uncomfortable.”

Proud of being different

In building confidence, she believes that acceptance is something that helped her the most. “Believing in the idea that we are all born differently is something we should be proud of. Amplify on your strength rather than focusing on your weakness will help with your self-confidence. Always celebrate other people’s victories!”

Also, we would like to wish Airin a huge congratulations on her marriage! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and health in your brand new page.