Five Styles for Different Occasions

From date nights, events, casual brunches with friends, to summer outings to the park, we have prepared some styling ideas that can inspire you as you dress up for different occasions.

Here at Accent, we aspire to create for you, to tailor outfits according to your needs, lifestyle, and comfort.

We believe that tailoring is not exclusive to special events or office wear only. Everyone deserves at least one well-tailored outfit that they can use with confidence for a long time, a go-to outfit that will help them look their best.

Styling Ideas

Your Modern Cheongsam Look

Have a banquet dinner to host or attend to? It can be hard to find a cheongsam that fits your style and be something that you can keep reusing for different occasions. To start with, you can try a two-piece cheongsam set!

With our variety of fabrics such as tweed, linen and much more, you can try out different styles that would look more flattering on you. The sketch shows a two-piece with a cropped sleeveless tweed cheongsam top, paired with a flare wide-leg tweed trousers. The good thing about a two-piece is that you don’t have to always wear them together, you can pair them up with different pieces and have a different look altogether. You can have a pop of color by choosing colored buttons as an accent or pair this set with colored mules!

Date Night Satin Dress

For your date nights, be it for your anniversary or other special events, satin is a fabric that will make you look elegant. By choosing the right color for you, it can bring out your personality, making the dress truly yours. The soft and shiny texture creates a beautiful drape that falls nicely into your body shape. Cowl neck, a popular neckline for dresses and tops made with satin, will give you a classic and effortless look. Pair this dress with clean white heels or strapped heels for a more flirty look.

Summer Brunch Jumpsuit

Perfect for the summer! From casual brunches with friends to attending an outdoor wedding, this jumpsuit is a versatile one. A jumpsuit with a V-neck silhouette that reveals just enough neckline, complimented with a hugged waistline. Choosing the soft pink linen that is perfect for a breezy summer, linen’s breathable and crispy texture is something that you cannot resist. The inverted pleats on a jumpsuit or trousers create an interesting silhouette as it falls, creating a sense of movement and silhouette that is like a dress. This jumpsuit will be available on our upcoming Summer Collection, do have a look out for that!

The Preppy One-piece 

An important day at university, or simply looking for something fresh to wear for work? This one-piece with an accent of the collar detail is something that you will reach for when you don’t have the time and energy to dress up, yet you still need to look proper and well-dressed. Popping on a well-tailored one-piece can make you look neat instantly. You can also opt for longer dress for a more formal and proper look.

Your Beige Versatile Suit

Ending with another versatile set, it is a formal look that you can also wear casually by pairing it with other pieces that you already have in your wardrobe. You can go for a nude beige wool-blend fabric which is easy to match and will look good for most skin tones. For a more casual look, you can go for pastel or light-colored linens instead! The peak lapel detail induces a lengthening effect, just like how the cropped blazer reveals more of the waistline of your high-waisted trousers, making you look taller.

Everyone has different needs, lifestyles, and body types. As we tailor for you, we would like to chat with you more about your needs and wants and what we can tailor for you to make you feel the best in your outfit.

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