Our Debut: Accent's First Collection

Made for women of all forms, age, size & colour.

Tailored clothing dedicated for women. We aim to bring the tailoring experience to women from all walks of life and to empower ladies with clothes that showcase versatility, confidence, style and so much more.

Gone are the days tailoring is exclusive and generally for men. We educate women on well-tailored and high-quality fabrics, bringing them limitless choices on the styles they can create with us.

We invite you on this journey together with us and to experience yourself, a transformation in style! 

For our debut launch campaign, we celebrated 7 women of different ages, races, ethnicity, culture, and personalities by creating outfits that bring out the best in them. Our key fabric used in our debut is Linen - a fabric that resembles women; soft yet strong, with its extremely high absorbent properties, it dries faster than cotton. The beauty of Linen is in it's wrinkles - due to the lack of elasticity, Linen fabric tends to crease but the charm of it is in the imperfection of an otherwise perfect fabric. It is also the perfect fabric to own and have in our climate, due to the porousness.

These 7 women each represent a strength that is vital and each share a crucial, real story that we wish to shed light upon, to be an inspiration to the women in Singapore.


With our mission to provide confidence to every woman through clothing, Accent provides off-the-rack, made-to-order, and made-to-measure services, benefiting all kinds of events and occasions.


Our designs, available in sizes of S, M, L.

Our ready-made pieces will be launched every quarterly. Available in sizings S, M, L, they will be able to be purchased directly both online and in-stores. For every purchase, we will provide 1x alteration that is limited to simple adjustments such as the length of your pants. Worry not, more adjustments would be possible with our made-to-order services.


Customizable choices from our designs.

Every woman needs at least one piece of clothing that would fit perfectly. For a style that would correspond to you better, our designs are available for customizations. We provide over 250 fabrics that you can choose from, with different textures and colours that you prefer. One example is for shirts, you will be able to customize on the hidden or classic placket, classic or spread collar, and more customizations. Every made-to-order tailoring service includes one fitting.


Designed just for you.

Do you ever found a perfect piece of clothing that seems like it is made just for you? It is a very rare occasion, but here at Accent, it is very much possible. From special occasions, events, to that perfectly personal piece that you have always wanted for your closet, we will make it come together here. Formal jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, cheongsams, dresses, and more.

You can always consult our stylist to answer your questions or by booking an appointment with us for more details. 

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