Unconventional Bridal Looks

Times are changing and people are less afraid to go for unconventional routes, whether it is through fashion or other things. This also applies to weddings, where brides are becoming more modern, and less traditional. Big ballroom white A-line gowns are no longer the obvious choice, and brides are choosing more timeless pieces with personality. 

We have curated some of the unconventional bridal looks that we have created for our #AccentBrides, designed specifically to their needs and wants, and fitted to their body and personality.

(photo by @tiny.donn)

Two-Piece Bridal Cropped Top & Skirt

Starting with a safer unconventional look is this bridal two-piece of a fitted cropped top and an A-line skirt with a train. This look generally still has a similar silhouette to your classic A-line dress, only it is separated into two pieces, and is cropped to show a little bit of skin! Small details make a more modern bridal piece. This is for those who want something more modern, yet not too much out-of-the-box.

(photo by @thisisthegaleria)

Emerald Green Cheongsam Jumpsuit

Why not go for other colours than white? Other than its versatility and uniqueness, a choice of color can give your outfit more personality and memorability. Colors can bring up the charm even on simple designs. The right colors would also give a balance throughout the entire wedding, together with your groom, venue, decoration, and more.

(photo by @lensofmira)

Tulle Tube Top & Pants

Other than being comfortable, bridal tops and pants can be very versatile too. A two-piece allows you to pair them differently, and on separate occasions. For our timeless brides who would love to keep re-wearing their special pieces with infinite possibilities, this is the one for you. Get creative in creating a special one-of-a-kind bridal top with mixing materials, whilst matching it with clean and best-fitting pants.

(photo by @lensofmira)

Baby Pink Cheongsam with Embroidery & Toga Sash

Mixing your culture and heritage into your wedding outfit is definitely getting more popularity amongst brides everywhere. Other than paying respects to your origins, it also allows you to shine in your own way. Modern Cheongsams have a balance of formality, uniqueness, and tradition. It is also a great way to give identity to an outfit, by adding your unique touch to something traditional.

Extended Toga Top with Flare Pants

For intimate weddings, sometimes comfort is the most important. Brides want to feel comfortable when they are with their loved ones, whilst still looking their best on their big day. When designing something minimal, fabric and silhouette could hold the most importance. Creating the best fit in a flattering silhouette would give effortless elegance as a bride.

(photo by @lensofmira)

Glitter Top and White Tapered Pants with Feather Train

Themed weddings give you a chance to create something special and memorable. For our bride, it was 'The Great Gatsby' set in the 1920s. Glittery long-sleeved top paired with clean white tapered pants as a contrast. For a dramatic effect befitting the roaring 20s, a long glittery feather train.

Here at Accent, we look forward to creating unique pieces for each individual that is not afraid to explore, adding personality to each of their outfits. Book a styling session with us to consult with our stylist, and we will be able to advise the look for you.

If you'd like to see more examples of our designs, follow us here on our Instagram, @accent.sg, and like us on Facebook! You can also book a styling session by clicking here. For more questions or inquiries, you can contact us at +65 8742 6863, and we would be happy to assist you.