Starting Your Tailoring Journey


Before your appointment, it's always a good idea to research the style that you would like to tailor. For instance, brides may have a look at different wedding dress styles, silhouettes, fabrics, and designers to gather inspiration for their dream dress. Equivalently for suits, daily wear, and more, it is always helpful to have some references on the style that you would like to go for. Just knowing the kind of color that you would like to go for can be helpful too! At home, you may also take a look at your wardrobe, to see if there are any certain silhouettes that you are more comfortable with and prefer. If you can, explore and try on different silhouettes to see if some fit you better than others!


On the day of the consultation, bring any photos, sketches, or ideas that you have gathered during your research. This will help our stylist understand your vision and create a dress that's tailored to your style. Certainly, inspirations will be just that; an idea, so your references definitely do not have to be perfect! You can let us know which parts you like and do not like so that we can consider them for your piece. 

Having a consultation is good for knowing more about our processes, options such as fabrics, and more. Feel free to ask our stylist for anything that you're curious or unsure of. Our stylist would also be able to advise you on the silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and more; on whether it will be suitable for you and the look that you're going for. 

If you have decided to engage our service, you may place a 50% deposit to secure your booking with us, and we can provide a sketch of your design by request.

Measurement and Fittings

Wearing the appropriate undergarments for your measurements is always recommended. If there are certain undergarments such as bra, underwear, or even shapewear that you would like to wear with your outfit, please do wear them to your measurements so that they would be more accurate! A tip for white or more sheer fabrics is to go for nude undergarments, the more seamless, the better! As we will measure you in your clothes, try to wear body-hugging clothing and avoid thick articles of clothing as they will affect the measurements. 

For your fittings, do bring along the same pair of undergarments so that you can better visualize the final look of your dress. If there are any specific accessories or shoes that you would be wearing, feel free to bring them along for your fitting as well.

We understand that some brides may have plans to get into their best shape for the big day. For the measurements to be as accurate as possible, we would recommend doing them closer to the wedding date. Three months would be a comfortable timeline, however, depending on the complexity of your bespoke piece, our stylist would recommend the timing accordingly.

Tailoring or custom-made services might be a new concept for some people, however, worry not as our stylist will be here to guide you every step of the way.

If you're unsure, feel free to contact us at +65 8742 6863 (WhatsApp), and we would be happy to assist you. If you'd like to see more examples of our designs, follow us here on our Instagram,, and like us on Facebook!

photos by @lensofmira