Different Length of Veils

When you tailor your bridal wear, the options might feel endless with the ability to control every little thing for your bespoke piece. Some of our brides may be wondering if veils are necessary, and which one to choose. We would say that veils are definitely a personal choice as they are not exactly necessary for a bride, but if you choose to have them, we are here to guide you! Here are some of the commonly used different lengths of veils for you to choose from, and guidance on who are they suited for.

Shoulder Length Wedding Veil

One of the traditional veils that lets your dress’s details shine, as they fall on your shoulders without distracting any parts of the dress. They create an airy look and are often made of lighter fabrics.

Elbow Wedding Veil

Often used as a ‘cover-up’, an elbow-length wedding veil also works as an option for a more conservative look. It is usually used for a less formal setting, to not overwhelm your minimalist piece.

Fingertip Wedding Veil

A mid-length veil, or fingertip veil would be able to give more drama into your look, whilst still giving you the freedom of wearing them all day.  They are also one of the most versatile, suitable for most bridal looks.

Chapel Wedding Veil

A longer veil that adds drama and length to your bridal look. They are suitable for more formal settings and to achieve a more grand look. They also work as a ‘train’ as it sweeps the floor.

These are not all of the range that you can go for, there are also lengths that are in-between or less traditional. Depending on the look that you are going for, veils can be cut according to your personal preference. Our stylists will also be here to guide you and give recommendations for a suitable veil for your dress, so be rest assured! 

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