Behind The Dress: Elizabeth

Here at Accent, we are always grateful to be a part of something meaningful, especially in creating memorable outfits for your special days. In this series, one of our clients, Elizabeth, has a special story behind the journey of her tailored Cheongsam that she has gracefully shared with us.

The first step to tailoring

Just like other clients, Elizabeth consulted us to tailor her piece for her special day. When we asked her reasoning behind it, she replied "I was not attracted to off-the-rack evening gowns and was also partly uncertain on what styles would fit me! In consideration of that, we decided to tailor as we could get more advice based on our body shape and to have the assurance on how certain things would fit us better." 

How the idea came about

It began when she found her Grandmother's old wedding dress in an old trunk. "We just took out the dress to see what it’s like, and I instantly loved the lace! She looked really amazing in her wedding pics too", Elizabeth mentioned. The idea of repurposing the dress comes then and we are very grateful that she came to us with the idea.

The process of restoration

It is definitely not easy to decide on repurposing a dress, especially on one that requires restoration. When Elizabeth brought her Grandmother's dress, we realized that the dress has yellowing on them. Which would mean it might require restoration to remove them as much as possible. Elizabeth shared, "although it was high risk and high cost to restore the yellowing dress, it turned out super well! The risk was worth taking as we never know until we try."

For her Grandmother

Just from our meetings during consultations and fittings, we can see the love and beautiful relationship that Elizabeth had with her Grandmother. "She’s really blessed me and doted on me growing up. A lot of the things that I can do in life, including this wedding and getting our house are also due to her generosity. So, I really wanted to honor and remember her in some way."

She also shared with us a little bit about her Grandmother and her amazing sense of style, "If anyone knows how to style, it’s her. She’s got an amazing and natural talent for design and I think this dress does her justice."

"Loved that we were able to create something that was sensitively designed with the most love, care, and respect from the Accent team."

We absolutely enjoyed creating something as special as this dress and we are glad that the end result came out to be so wonderful as well. We hope that you love the piece as much as we do!

Elizabeth is wearing a Bespoke Emerald Green Cheongsam with Repurposed Lace, tailored by Accent.