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Hikari II - Bespoke Cheongsam


Orders has been closed for LNY'24, thank you so much for the love and support!

This Lunar New Year, we are bringing back our Hikari Bespoke Cheongsam experience for your special occasions and more. As we look forward for a new start for the new year, we have curated a new range of fabrics and selections for you to choose from.

Catering to different personalities and styles, choose from more than 15 different fabrics, 10 unique buttons, 9 embroidery designs, length, slit/s, to create the Cheongsam for you. This year, you can also choose to do a two-piece instead of a dress, for more versatility!

How to custom:

1. Design your neckline.

Personalise your Cheongsam neckline according to your style. From the classic sleeveless, halter necklines, cap sleeves, flutter sleeves and more!

2. Select your fabric.

Available in more than 15 fabrics of different colours and designs, for different styles and preferences. Our Satin fabrics has a silky lustre and are more breathable and flowy. Jacquard fabrics provide more character with its pattern, and are more structured. Wool-linen fabrics provides a fresh change, with its casual appeal and wonderful drape.

3. Pick out your buttons.

Buttons can match the fabric that you have chosen, or create an accent with a contrasting colour. For some necklines such as halter, you can opt out from the button design.

4. Choose your embroidery.

Embroidery can be a nice personal touch to your Cheongsam, be it something meaningful or appealing in your eyes. The placement of the embroidery may be decided during collection.

5. Customise your length.

The length of your Cheongsam may determine the formalness of your outfit, longer length can look more formal, and shorter will be more comfortable to walk around in.

6. Decide your slit/s.

Most Cheongsam requires slit/s for easier movement, you can decide between the classic double slit or single slit at the side, a front slit to show more legs, or back slit for a cleaner look at the front. 

The Hikari Bespoke Cheongsam is strictly for bespoke (pre-orders) only (Lead Time: 3-5 weeks*). Click here to make an appointment for measurements once you've made your purchase, or we will be in touch!

We will be closing orders by 14th January or earlier in case that fabrics are sold out. If you wish to get your outfits for the Lunar New Year 2024, the latest day to order and complete your measurements would be by the 14th of January. Please book your appointments before then, thank you!

*Shorter lead time does not include fittings/alterations.

*Please note that colours on screen may vary due to the lighting. 

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