IWD'24: The Power of Self Care

On this International Women's Day, we celebrate the incredible women who are a part of our team. Our team strives to empower women by providing outfits that promote confidence, strength, and positivity to their body and image. We recognize the roles and struggles of women and celebrate their accomplishments. Most importantly, we believe in the power of self-care. Our roles come with timelines, meticulousness in craft, and expectations that must be met, which can take a toll on us. We understand that this happens to women of all walks and trades.

It is essential to take the time to care for ourselves and know when to pause and breathe. By doing so, we can prevent burnout and maintain our love for the work that we do. As we honor the phenomenal women around us, let us remember the importance of self-care and support each other in achieving our goals. The valuable members of our team shared with us their own ways of caring for their mental health, in between of their busy and hectic life.

Our seamstress, Aunty PY, has a very important job of doing alterations, analysing fittings and creating the best solutions for the bespoke outfits. Outside of her work days, she enjoys the slow things in life. Such as taking a walk by herself during holidays before her busy schedule to enjoy the scenery, enjoying what the earth has to offer. Spending time both in her own ways, as well as with friends and family, in between creating and stitching beautiful clothing.

When she is not creating masterpieces, or beautifully tailored jackets, our master tailor, Aunty J spends most of her days with her family doing the simplest of things. Her off days usually consist of jogging or cycling at the park in the morning, before enjoying breakfast afterwards. Sometimes, she would do volunteer work at elderly homes. Her routine revolves around spending time with her family, and that gives her joy.

As someone who does both work and study at the same time, Sarah spends most of her days juggling those two. When she is not at work, she is either learning in class or catching up on her assignments. It is definitely not an easy thing to do, she mentions that it requires a lot of sleepless nights, dedication, and willpower to keep going. In between work days and assignments, she tries to wind down and catch up on sleep. In this busy period of her life, she tries to take it day by day, enjoying small moments with her loved ones with simple things such as dinners, even with her limited free time.

Working in a creative job, where thoughts, concepts, and ideas are valuable, Margy finds that having alone time is important for learning new things and exploring.
In between the hectic work days, she finds joy in having a certain routine, from something small such as making a matcha latte in the morning and going to pilates class every week. She also loves spending time with her loved ones; such as exploring new cafes with friends, having meaningful conversations during dinner, or having fun with her niece and nephew. She believes that finding happiness in the little things on a daily to recharge is as important as the bigger things that we look forward to, such as traveling, to keep us going each day.

For Lyn, as she tries to keep up with sales, come up with ideas, meet clients and partners, take care of her people, and the list goes on, the job that she loves can get quite daunting and draining at times. While her choice of shedding stress and anxiety changes with time and seasons, she had the opportunity to visit countries that she loves because of the team that she trusts, and that she truly gets to be with her husband or her family and be present for them. While those are short-lived “escapes,” she also loves staying home when she doesn’t get to escape, just playing games, eating her husband’s home-cooked food, sharing time with her sibling, nephew, and the occasional MJ with her close friends.

Our team will continue to support ladies from all trades of life, starting from the smaller things such as creating outfits that would boost their confidence. As we hope to grow together with our clients towards a more inclusive world that value diversity.