Behind The Dress: Fidelia

One of our joys as a tailor is creating dream outfits for our brides, making their vision come to life. There's a special magic in translating a bride's dream into reality, meticulously stitching together every detail to manifest their vision into a tangible, breathtaking ensemble.

In this series of 'Behind The Dress', our bride Fidelia shared with us her experience tailoring her bridal dress, a piece with all of her dream features, and more.

Every brides has a different style and vision for how their wedding dresses would come to be. For yourself, what inspired your decision to do a bespoke wedding attire?

Fidelia: We wanted to add a personal touch and make everything feel uniquely us! Plus, it’s a fun way to showcase our personalities and styles, and it made the day even more special.

We are so glad that your bespoke wedding dress came out as something very special and so uniquely you. Could you tell us the story behind the design and style that you decided to go for your dress?

Fidelia: We wanted something that felt timeless yet unique, so we combined elements from different designs we loved. And the team at Accent & Assemble made them come to life!

You also experienced tailoring together with your partner, Ryan, in which he tailored a bespoke suit with Assemble, how was that like for the both of you? Were there any special moments or stories that you could share with us?

Fidelia: We couldn’t wait for each appointment – it was like diving into a fun project together. Tailoring our outfits side by side added a special touch to the whole wedding prep. Everything was so new to us, but we’re so thankful to the team at Accent & Assemble for graciously guiding us throughout. We enjoyed every bit of it!

We are so glad that you earned new memories with Ryan through this experience! Last but not least, could you tell us what do you love most about the final result?

Fidelia: I loved how our personalities shone through in the details of our outfits! There’s something so special about knowing that we invested time and effort to create something uniquely ours.

Fidelia is wearing her Bespoke Wedding Dress from Accent, and Ryan is wearing a Bespoke Two-Piece Suit and Shirt from Assemble.