Scented Water Chinese Garden


Chinese Garden

Scented Water Vaporisateur

Citrus scented water with a touch of lime and Chinese mandarin.

20 ml, No Alcohol

Chinese Garden is a fragrance that celebrates another icon of Singapore: the Chinese Garden whose red pagodas break the Singaporean sky!

The concept of the Chinese Garden is based on Chinese gardening art: the main characteristic is the integration of architectural features with the natural environment. 

This magic garden is modelled along the northern Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscaping. A bridge connects the Chinese Garden with the near Japanese ones.

The fragrance:

This fresh fragrance is inspired by the whisper of nature that you feel walking through the bridge that interconnects the Chinese and Japanese gardens.

It’s an open air place where you can breathe the Chinese culture and breathe fresh air in a multisensorial experience of colors and nature.

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