Scented Water Chijmes



Scented Water Vaporisateur

Lightly flowery scented water: fresh and clean notes of floral scent.
20 ml, No Alcohol

Chijmes is an historical building complex which began his life as a Catholic convent. Nowadays it is a national monument.

This fragrance is a memory of one of the first locations everyone desire to visit when they come to Singapore as it is located in the heart of the town next to the worldwide famous Raffles Hotel.

The fragrance:

Our fragrance takes inspiration from the convent “mood” that it is still possible to feel. Its walls, pure white as sugar, envelop in a religious silence that brings the mind to travel in a safe, familiar and caring environment.

Like a tiny jewelry box, Chijmes needs its colonnades and courtyards to be crossed to unveil the wonders of the British colonial architecture of the XIX Century.


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